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The Gold Bar From The Panas


In medicine , ancient , ancient people of Egypt were using natural stone magnets to treat pain , swelling , known as the " magic stone " , " stone ghost " because there are many features " mystical " like attracts iron .
Like a number of other physical factors , the magnetic field is not particularly effective against pathogens such as drugs , but mainly to stimulate cell biology , body fluids , tissues , creating the effect of adjustment , air conditioning , increased activity ... making body meets physiology ( running balance , restore ) . Therefore, the scope of application of the magnetic field is quite extensive. The achievements so far from medical school in principle and practice is very encouraging , opening up the prospect of a factor in the application of new physics : magnetic field.
Gold bars from the toolbar Panas is gold plated , with effect from the smoke layer mask helps Panas UP cream with dirt , excess oil and sebum on the skin .
In addition, the effect of accelerating the process of ionization , helps nutrients penetrate deeply into the skin , tighten and smooth the skin .
Panas UP BONUS cream when buying products .
Effects of unsurpassed creamy mask Panas :
* Contains moisturizing ingredients , white skin ( good nourishment for the skin ) .
* Promote blood circulation , increase skin -cell activation .
* Stimulates metabolism , accelerate the production of new skin cells .
Operation mechanism of cream mask Panas
Apply gentle facial cream containing iron oxide , scualane , tourmaline skin .
Under magnetic force , the dirt on the skin cleanser usually can not be taken away from smoking altogether .
Ionization process occurred , skincare ingredients in the cream penetrates deep into the skin .
Skin becomes healthy , toned and increase the ability to absorb essential nutrients to the skin .
The effects of gold bar from the Panas : help attract the cream along with the dirt , excess oil and sebum , helps nutrients penetrate deeply into the skin , firming , radiant skin .
Ingredients: Placenta , marine collagen , lavender oil , squalane , winter fungus , titanium oxide , iron oxide , copolymer , tocopherols , astaxanthin , ethylhexyl palmitate , tocopherol acetate . Gold bars from the Panas
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