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Japan is the country with the longest life expectancy in the world. Compared to other countries, Japanese people spend a lot of money on health-care and use a great deal of functional food. In Japan, functional products and cosmetics are available to be sold in drug stores. Cosmetics and functional food manufactured in Japan have to experience a strict screening process and high standards of products. Therefore, Japanese people are not afraid or worried about functional food, instead they use these products every day as one of the best ways to take care of their health and overcome the stress, pressure in daily work.

In Vietnam, unfortunately, there are so many fake or bad quality and even expired cosmetics and functional food which are being sold widespread in the market.  These cosmetics and functional food are imported into Vietnam through some types of small trading such as transport by airport, portable products, smuggling or illegal import. So, consumers cannot avoid buying the oversea products which turn out to be cancelled or over dated.

At present, in Vietnam, there are very few of genuine cosmetics products and functional food made by Japan, mainly through small trade or portable brands. So there is only a limited supply for these products in Vietnam market. In addition, the demand for beauty and functional food of Vietnamese people has become a tendency of society, not only for adolescents. This is desire to live healthily, beautifully and happily of Vietnamese people.

Plan Do See Vietnam perceives the needs of the market as well as has a deep knowledge of culture and people of Japan. We are very privileged and pleased to be a sole company for products distribution from two Japanese companies (Unitika and Plan Do See Medical). These are prestigious and well-known companies specializing in cosmetics and functional food in Japan. We do hope that we can meet the demands of Vietnamese consumers somewhat with genuine and good quality products manufactured and provided with a high volume. From this, Vietnamese consumers can have much satisfaction and confidence in the choice of products so that they can maintain beauty, energy and fresh mind towards a better society with its longevity is as high as Japan’s.



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