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Điện thoại: 0243 783 5662
Phone: 098.8889.655 / 01669.056.660



Primary products line that Plan Do See Vietnam is the sole provider in Vietnam are two types of products lines: Cosmetics and Functional Food.

The fundamental elements of two lines are Placenta and β-Glucan essence.  Placenta is extracted from placenta of special horse and pig breed in Japan. β-Glucan is found in rare mushroom called Hanabiratake which is grown up in severe weather condition of Japan. These essences have their own particular features and great effects of maintaining and reproducing beauty as well as improving immune ability.  Therefore, cosmetics and functional food containing above essences created a “fever” in Japanese market.

 Plan Do See Vietnam would like two lines of these products trusted by Japanese people will be enthusiastically welcomed to bring beauty and happiness for Vietnamese people.



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