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Placenta giải pháp chống lão hóa

Placenta Anti-Aging Solution Comprehensive

The magic strength from a fertilized egg to a baby from placenta

In present times, the technology and science has made significant advances with striking achievements. In the medical aspect, there are consecutive discoveries for new medicines and treatment methods. And the day for modern medical called “Medical Key for all” will come soon.

However, there are still incurable diseases that medical have not found out their treatment. And medicine has not played a decisive role in treatment of diseases such as: vertigo, tinnitus, asthma, atopic dermatitis, hepatitis C, postmenopausal disorders, etc.

Therefore, in modern times, the effectiveness of Placenta to incurable disease is highly expected to be an ideal treatment.

Placenta is called name of mammal, normally this word means that is extracted from placenta of people or pigs in general. In particular, placenta extracted from people is used for injected drugs; the one from pigs is used to make medicine, functional food, and cosmetics.

When baby in the womb of the woman, placenta is a part to connect between body of a child and his or her mother. It plays an important role  in maintaining his or her lives and development of a child. Placenta contains much nutritious substances to promote activity process of a body. Besides, it also contains a plentiful source of nutrition.  It has a wonderful and amazing power to rear from a fertilized egg to a baby within 10 months.  From this, we can see that medical functions of Placenta are valuable.

Placenta is a circle created from the period of pregnancy which is to maintain life and promote the development of human embryo and connect to his or her mother.

Placenta is accredited to produce “Element for cell growth”, helps to regenerate organs for  detoxification, immunity and hormone excretion, etc.  Medical function of Placenta is expected to treat the incurable diseases in modern medicine.

Ancestor of Greece: Hippocrates and Crest of the Royal Family: Cleopatra are very interested in this product.

In ancient times, the medical function of Placenta was considered as “a mysterious method” which was used as a therapy by Hippocrates and Cleopatra.

Cleopatra was very interested in Placenta to maintain her shining beauty.  In China, in  the old days, Placenta was highly appreciated to be a precious traditional medicine.

In the contemporary medicine, the function of Placenta was used as a first time in Russia in the 1930s. Dr Sergei Firatofu was very devoted to make a research on Placenta. Its result was brought into Japan in the war in the first years. In Japan, whoever, men or women, actors, actresses or singers, professional footballers or athletes used Placenta as a therapy.

At the moment, the first researcher-Dr.Kentorou Hieda was both professor of Kurume University and manager of Medical research. He did a research on the function of secret medicine called “regenerated cells” of Placenta. “Therapy by regenerating “is being the newest research topic of modern medicine. However, Dr. Hieda found out the potential things of Placenta in the 1950s.

Omnipotent activities improving incurable diseases

In Japan, over a half century ago, Placenta was accredited to be medicine. However, until now, its true value becomes popular to public. Placenta is assessed by many doctors that its function is very useful to incurable illness.

Many doctors were suspicious of many chemical elements in the  western therapy. So they found out less side-effect pharmacies from natural sources.  After testing safety level, Placenta was used by patients and its result was much better than expected. From illness such as shoulder pain,  neck pain, dysmenorrheal to mentioned incurable diseases, Placenta proves utmost function to  considerably improve these illness.

Consulting-rooms in Tokyo, within a day, there are over 200 people coming. There are more than 70,000 people made therapy by Placenta every year. Many people from Taiwan, China have been experiencing treatment by Placenta for many years. From this, the wonderful treatment function became transparent.

A valuable source containing special compositons such as Amino axit & vitamins-20 well-known functions of Placenta at present

In particular, let us see the components contained in the placenta. First are the three basic nutrients: Protein, Protein, and Sugar. Besides the essential amino acids such as leucine, lysine, valine, isoleucine threoline and there are dozens of other amino acids such as glycine, alanine, agrinine. Also, besides vitamins such as B1, B2, D, C, E, there are also calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron minerals  ... (inorganic nutrients) and more than 100 enzymes supporting operation of the reaction in the body.

In addition, the placenta also contains special biologically active substances which can ensure the normal operation of the body. For example, a special protein type formed in the placenta has special effect: preventing the spread of cancer discovered in 2001 by pharmaceutical manufacturers. In recent years, research of Akita University - Faculty of Medicine also found calbindin in placenta. This substance can   strongly prevent blood clots.

In studies to date, we can understand the medical effects of 20 Placenta as listed in the above. It can be said there is no other drugs which bring so many various functions such as Placenta. So, Placenta is considered as feasible treatment for incurable diseases.

Over 70,000 people treatment a year, and there are no any serious side-effect calculated

One more thing of Placenta is that if Placenta is injected into human body, it will not have any serious effect. Normally, if any drug has fast acting, it will lead to much side-effect. And drug with low acting will have less side-effect. However, Placenta is very different.

In the consulting-room of Kentarou Yoshida, every year, there are about 70,000 patients using Placenta and there has never been any serious side-effects found out. Although it is said that injecting vitamins into human body is safe and its side-effects rarely happens, every 10,000 injection times, there is one case happened. However, this does not happen to Placenta. Placenta is different from other drugs. It enhances ability to heal body by stimulating, recovering cells and weak organs and supplementing lacking elements.



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