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Anti Aging Solution by Placenta nutrients

Women are obsessed with age and who also wanted to remain in his youthful beauty , but over time , age and stress of every day life etched on his face makes you lose confidence in the his knowledge . The skin in their 20s still fresh and full of life stress , but if not properly taken care of , with the impact of the environment , living habits temperance not , your skin also form the visible signs of aging . From age 30 onwards , the aging process will occur faster, pigmentation spots , crow's feet , eye wrinkles and skin began to appear , and over time , the skin will lose elasticity, becomes rough . So how to combat aging 1 most effective way , obliterated traces of time and give back to your skin whiter , smoother ? Our answer is Placenta !
About Placenta
Placenta is only known from placental mammals , usually only extracts from human or pig placenta in general , is a round-shaped bodies formed during pregnancy , the parts are connected between the fetus and the mother , protecting the role and nourish the fetus in the mother's womb .
Placenta contains a variety of activities to promote the body's source of nutrition and is rich contains special active ingredients such as amino acids , vitamins , minerals and enzymes than 100 acts and metabolic reactions in the body . Placenta is recognized as producing quality " growth factors " cells help regenerate body detoxification effects , immune , hormonal secretion . It can be said the use of placenta medicine is expected in curing many incurable diseases of modern medicine today .
Greek father of medicine Hippocrates and Egyptian queen Cleopatra also prefer
From BC, the medical use of Placenta has been used as a " mystical approach " the father of medicine Hippocrates of ancient Greece used a lot in therapy , and the Egyptian queen Cleopatra loved to use to preserve youthful looks young and beautiful . In China , since ancient times, Placenta also be appreciated as a rare herbs .
In modern medicine , the use of Placenta medicine first used in the Soviet Union in the 1930s . Dr. Sergei Firatofu have examined the placenta and heart research achievements that have been brought to Japan in the early years after the war . In Japan , whether male or female , many television actor , singer , professional footballers , athletes or sports are used Placenta therapy .
At that time , the first placenta research - Dr. Kentorou Hieda , just as professor at Kurume University & Head of Medical Research , recently conducted a study of the medical secret " Rebirth cells " of the Placenta . " Therapy regeneration method " is now the latest research topics in modern medicine , but since the 1950s has seen Dr. Hieda that potential of Placenta .
Why Placenta features more effective anti-aging Collagen ?
Collagen is known as a protein whose main function is to connect the body tissues together (called connective tissue ) , to organize the skin, collagen is responsible for creating a resilient and links to skin . Over time , skin loses in the lane , gradually flabby and wrinkled appearance . Therefore one of the main anti-aging solution is added to the collagen in the body . However, if there has to be a comprehensive solution or not ?
Expression of aging , as we all know is not only in the loss of skin elasticity , but also in the skin becomes rough , lack of water , the appearance of pigmentation marks , age spots . Placenta is the solution and solves all the problems of the skin , moisturizing , whitening and regeneration of skin cells , leaving skin youthful pay . Basically , the mechanism of action of Placenta is done as follows :
Firstly , containing growth factors and GFG EFG stimulate cell growth and epidermal fibers . As such , it works to promote the body to produce collagen , elastin , hyaluronic acid which enhance skin elasticity .
Secondly , combined with EGFs SCAFs stimulate the recovery of cells , regulate sebum secretion and reduce open pores , the poisoning , infection control , a natural anti-inflammatory agent due from each beam , good for acne patients with multiple infections .
Third, Placenta tyrosinase inhibitor , prevented the establishment of the pigment Melanin , to prevent formation of dark tan , skin pigmentation , melasma push fuzzy legs .
Wednesday, contains NMF ( natural moisturizing factor - factor supplement natural moisture ) rapidly absorbed into tissue , attract and hold moisture in the skin tissue to prolonged moisture .
Thursday , rich in vitamins , minerals and amino acids in particular - is derived cells , important components of beauty products which eliminate free radicals in the skin and liver , against the aging process of ...
Thus, Placenta take full advantage of a beautiful skin method overall , has had maintenance therapy .
Overall activity to improve the incurable disease
In Japan, more than half a century ago, Placenta has been recognized as drugs but until recently the true value of New Placenta is widely known . Placenta was more physicians to evaluate the therapeutic effects especially for incurable diseases that give up their medicine .
Bring questions with how to use many chemical treatments of the modern West , many physicians have searched for the origin of natural medicine , has few side effects . After the safety check and give patients use it to bring good results exceeded estimates . From intractable diseases such as shoulder pain , neck pain , menstrual pain and incurable diseases as mentioned above, are shown Placenta is fully operational improvement in the treatment of this disease . The small clinic in Tokyo , in one day more than 200 people , more than 70 thousand people a year in the Placenta therapy . From previous years , wealthy people from Taiwan , China also has to treat . Through the public can see the wonders of Placenta Healing .




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