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Plan Do See Medical

Proposal of directors


In 1982, I established company Plan do see medical. I realized my long-nurtured dream that I would establish a company specializing in cosmetic and functional food production &business. I am very proud and privileged of my company- Plan do see medical.  

My company has been operating for nearly 40 years. Every day, I always ponder and determine myself that I will strive constantly to bring pleasure and happiness to my beloved customers.

Thank you very much.


  •  Our company is a manufacturing  and distributing company. We are distributing cosmetics and functional food extracted from Placenta. In modern market, functional food and cosmetics are being sold widespread. It is very difficult for consumers to choose the quality and safe products.
  •  Therefore, from the first time of establishment, we are endeavoring constantly to do a research and  produce products in accordance with our mission that we only produce good quality and reliable products.
  •  Most of our products are products containing Placenta essence which is the pioneering field in Japan. In addition, our company supply materials to big Pharmaceutical manufacturing corporations in Japan.
  •  We always strive to improve quality and safety of products by contacting and checking carefully materials supplies for Placenta extract. Our company is striving to satisfy customers’ expectations and meet their demands as well. 


Name of Company

Plan Do See Medical JSC


Postal code : 534- 0022

No 16-16-1 Miyakojima nakadori, Miyakojima, Osaka City, Nhat Ban

President of 

Hattori Masachika


+81 6-4253-0038


+81 6-4253-0334

Centre for distribution

Sanwa Warehouse JSC No1-3-2, Miyajima, Ibarakishi, Osaka




This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date of establishment

On 20th December,1983 


30 millions Japanese Yen (JPY) (equivalent 9 billion VND) 

Business Purpose 

1. Manufacture and distribute beauty tools and medical devices.

2. Manufacture and distribute functional food and cosmetics

3. Distribute food for beauty and health

4. Consult beauty and medical issues 

5. Relevant activities from above items

Participation Agents

Commercial Department of Osaka, National Insurance Association

World Health Associations, Japanese Federation

Business Partners

Companies such as: Unichika, Mosbeau, Hankyuhanshin hyakaten, Daimaru Matsusaka hyakaten, etc.

Transaction Bank

Risona Bank, Kousei Osaka Credit Fund, Osaka Credit Fund



Operation History


3/ 1982

Establish office at Kitakutenjinbashi to supply medical devices 



4/ 1982

Apply for a patent and distribute products produced by company 

Start distribution for functional food: Dr Plan

Begin distribution for basic line of cosmetics:Selena 21



11/ 1983

Register License at Kawara of the Centre District



12/ 1983

Begin to distribute Misseru Rorando product



7/ 1987

Begin to distribute basic cosmetics: Charm rose



6/ 1992

Move office into Minato District 



11/ 1997

Start distributing functional food: Doctor Origo



5/ 2002

Start distributing Binari product



 9/ 2002

Start distributing Panas Science Pack product



3/ 2003

Begin distribution for Placenta: Planamam



 5/ 2004

Begin distribution for Stemag Science cleaner



10/ 2004

Begin distribution for Shifon: Lotion (Emulsion) Nano in powder



2/ 2005

Begin distribution for Maguenste series: Gold protype



6/ 2005

Begin distribution functional food Kenhito and Planamam- Proud of your skin




2/ 2006

Innovate  Plana and Charm rose cosmetics generation



10/ 2007

Distribute 26 cosmetics products and functional food Mosbeau White



1 /2008

Move office and factory into the present location




Start distribution for functional food: Ạoijiru bigen Tea



 8 /2008

Start distribution drink water: Amino Bisei 



 6/ 2009

Start distribution main cosmetics line: Dr Placen

Start distribution functional food:fain fain (with Placenta ingredient)

Start distribution functional food: pure collagen



 6 /2010

Start distribution drink water Placenta 40000



 8/ 2011

Move main office and factory to Miyakojima,Osaka



Outstanding quantity:

- Domestic Turnover of cosmetics Placenta 400,000,000 yen/year.

- Oversea turnover (Philippine) : 1,000,000,000 yen/year (on average)

- Turnover for drink water Placenta: 300,000 bottle/year

- Functional food Placenta pill: 45,000 bottle/year

        -  Pioneering Entrepreneur in Placenta manufacturing

        -   Placenta essence is extracted from Japanese horses and pigs placenta

        -  This resource is taken from aseptic breeding animals in Japan and strictly monitored and there is  no any risk for infectious diseases. 

        -  In 1945, when Placenta is accredited to be a special nutrition source in Japan, our company is one of the pioneering one in doing research and manufacture cosmetics products and functional food.



Designed by Plan Do See
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